Savannah, GA

Chicago Marathon Trip Week 3: Saturday October 13 – Monday October 15, 2018

Approaching Savannah from the air reminded me of New Orleans – huge expanses of flatlands intersected by braided streams. Hurricane Michael had hit the coastline south of Savannah a day before but from the air there was little evidence.

As soon as I left the airport terminal I was pleasantly surprised – the air was beautiful and warm. And by the time I made it to my hotel I was already liking this town. I loved the climate firstly but then it was the scale of the city and the numerous parks and gardens that delieanate much of the streetscape. The evening light was beautiful and I was looking for elevated vantage points to get a view of the setting sun. But Savannah is a flat city and the only high-rise I saw was a hotel across the river. From my brief time here it seems to be a weekend getaway destination for Americans, perhaps escaping colder weather to the north.

My first visit and I hope not the last.