PCT DAY 39: Thursday August 3, 2017
Mile 2390.7
0 miles ( 0 km)

Snoqualmie is a small ski resort on the Interstate 90 not far from Seattle. It’s not hard to imagine what it may look like in winter with nice looking private ski lodges on the other side of the road.

2017-08-03 13.20.442017-08-03 13.21.51

What a luxury today though, to be in an air-conditioned room while outside the temperature climbed. I ventured outside twice – once to get my resupply package from the Chevron Gas station and second time to get lunch at the food cart.  Temperature outside was nice in the morning but by lunchtime – scorching heat.



2017-08-03 15.15.382017-08-03 15.14.35

Interesting system the gas station has for storing hiker packages. All kept in a disused section of a big walk in freezer – go in and good luck finding it…no particular storage system. I’m lucky it’s early in the hiker season. It could get  chaotic in there later on. The freezer is already pretty full,  I  was lucky to spot mine sitting on top of a pile. I resisted the urge to create order.

It feels like a real milestone to have arrived at the three S’s – Snoqualmie then Skyomish and then Stehikin before reaching Canada. The end feels in sight. I’m really excited to get back out there tomorrow. Hope I can stay awake at night sometime soon to see the Perseid meteor shower. I saw only one shooting star so far, as I’m usually asleep long before it gets dark.

2017-08-03 13.19.46