PCT DAY 34: Saturday July 29, 2017
Mile 2292.4 – Mile 2292.4
0 miles (0 km)
White Pass is very conveniently located, only half a mile from the trail crossing of Highway 12. It is a small ski area with a gas station and winter acvomidation nearby.  I stayed at a ski lodge just above the Kracker Barrel gas station. Great place with comfortable rooms which included a small kitchen – this  was a real bonus. To be able to cook a meal in a proper kitchen is something I really miss while on trail.

I have developed the most enormous blister on my foot. I won’t post a picture as it looks pretty gross. It’s about and inch and half long and an inch wide just below the fibula on my right foot. An unusual place to get a blister.  This is the first serious blister I’ve had. Last year I had no foot issue at all in 3 months of hiking.  Anyhow I started taping my ankle to reduce movement in the heel. This seems to be helping. Just have to give the blister time to pop on its own.  A day staying off my feet is sure to help. The weather is fantastic today. And is predicted to last for the next days or so. Midweek it will get to low 90F (mid 30C). Hope to be in Snoqualamie before it really heats up.

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2017-07-29 14.19.41