PCT DAY 16-19: Tuesday July 11 – Friday July 14, 2017
Zero miles hiked
We’ve averaged around 20 miles a day in the 14 days of hiking together. And we arrived in Bend a little earlier then we thought we would. It’s good that we had a chance to revisit as Bend is one of our favourite towns. Having visited twice last year,  it feels so familiar. And it’s also good for Hammer to get some rest before he heads to work from the airport next Monday. Before we could become tourists we had a few hiking chores: replacing/repairing the tent, new shoes and new cooking pot/cup.

Two days before coming into Bend one of the poles on our Big Agnes Copper Spur tent broke, right at the top where it connects to the roof. We had a sleeve for emergency repair and it worked fine but I didn’t want to be heading out on my own knowing there was a problem. So first task was a visit to REI.
This is our second Big Agnes Copper Spur tent. The first one developed small holes in the mesh in the first few weeks and was replaced in Medford last year, just before Hammer went back on trail to complete Oregon and Washington.  Since it’s less than a year from when we got this second tent, REI gave us a replacement. We had to pay for the difference in price.  Happy that they elected to do that as it could have taken much  longer for repairs.
A tent that you take  through hiking gets so much more use than say a tent that you take out every few months for a few days out. And I know that it is a fine balance for lightweight gear between weight and durability but for the price I’m not sure that the weight saving of the Copper Spur is worth the sacrifice in durability. The new BA Copper Spur appears to have addressed some of these issues. It has been redesigned and is now branded as a high volume edition. It has steeper walls , changes to materials,  tent poles and mesh. The new version is also slightly lighter.  There are online clips comparing the two versions. We will see how this one performs.
I also replaced my SnowPeak titanium pot/cup with a GSI stainless steel one. The SnowPeak was not that good on the stove. Food caught on the bottom and it was impossible to clean while on trail. And the handles made a really annoying tinny noise.  I know it’s being picky but it just annoyed me.

2017-07-14 16.03.47

New shoes – old ones took me out of Etna last year, I broke my ankle wearing them, a 150 mile painful hike to Ashland, later travel through Costa Rica, Guatemala and Cuba and now almost another 300 miles on the PCT. A bit sentimental but happy to start this section in a new pair.


Chores done it was time to relax, eat and  tour.

It has been exceptionally hot, or so it feels to us. Temperatures in the mid 30’s°C (90’s F). All the better for more snow to melt, hopefully.  Rocket Man and Flossie (Eric & Kevin) had sent me a text message about the conditions ahead. Sort of what I expected – a tricky snow covered traverse off the north side of Three Fingered Jack tomorrow. I’m ready and keen to go get it done.


2017-07-14 16.02.19

Don’t mind being stopped in traffic when this is the view

2017-07-14 16.00.20

Downtown in the summertime

2017-07-14 15.57.54

2017-07-14 15.59.56

Love this logo

2017-07-14 16.06.22

Really good coffee from Lone Pine Cafe.

2017-07-14 15.58.21

Can’t believe we had another chance to sample Ocean Rolls from Swallows Bakery.

2017-07-13 07.36.38

So nice to have excellent coffee


2017-07-14 16.01.32

A bit of history reading for Hammer on his way home – @  50c it’s  great value.