SAN FRANCISCO: PCT 2017 Planning

Monday June 19 – Friday June 23, 2017

All of this week the weather in San Francisco has been nothing short of glorious. Long, warm days with the summer solstice on Wednesday marking the official beginning of summer.  Even during a heatwave, which the area has been experiencing this week, Bayside San Francisco has a cool breeze coming in off the ocean.  A bit like natures airconditioning.

2017-06-22 14.14.502017-06-22 14.20.41

2017-06-21 11.40.37

2017-06-22 14.20.14

But I could not luxuriate in the summertime bliss, there were hiking days ahead to be planned, lists to be made, resupply locations selected and food shopping to be done.

I stayed in the Marina District of San Francisco, accomodation chosen especially for its close proximity to a supermarket and a Post Office. It took a couple of trips to the supermarket, carrying food in my backpack to the hotel, to complete the food shopping. Then it was dividing up and repackaging for each resupply location. After choosing resupply locations and repacking everything  it was time to carry it all back, to the post offices to send on. Ten resupply locations over 950 miles, with the longest period between them being 5 days of hiking.  The pack fully loaded, with what seemed like tonnes of food, felt surprisingly comfortable.

2017-06-22 07.53.182017-06-22 14.12.422017-06-22 14.15.402017-06-22 14.16.14

The hardest thing has been estimating hiking times for number of days of food needed on trail and parcel delivery dates and also for a location for Hammer to get off trail.   I have 950 miles left on the PCT, all of Oregon and Washington. Without knowing the conditions on the trail, estimates of dsily hiking miles feel a little bit optimistic at this stage. Based on these early plans I estimate on reaching Manning Park in Canada by the third week in August.  Presence of snow will of course slow me down.

Hammer will most likely leave the trail at Sisters, half way through Oregon, which gives him the best possibility of reaching Portland in time to fly back to Australia.  He was keen to push on through to make Timberline for just one more of their famous breakfasts. But he decided that two visits to Timberline last year may just be enough.

2017-06-22 14.19.21

By late Thursday it was all done. Shopping finished and parcels posted.  I booked a massage to celebrate finishing a marathon grocery planning, shopping and packing effort and to ease my post Grandmas Marathon aching body.

Friday was spent being a tourist and changing hotels to get closer to the airport to meet Hammer in the morning on Saturday. We’ve hired a car to drive to Ashland, Oregon over the weekend. So very excited now that the start of our hike is imminent.

2017-06-20 20.10.112017-06-22 14.22.302017-06-20 20.06.10