​PCT Day 147: Mile 2569.2- Mile 2588.7

Wednesday September 7, 2016:  19.5 miles ( 32 km)


I packed up quietly so as not to disturb the other hiker nearby who had also camped in the PCT hiker area. It was then down to the wharf  to say farewell to Paul and his dog Clare whom I had met yesterday.

Waiting for the 8.15 bus back to the trailhead was ‘Hippy Chick’ and ‘Just Bob’ whom I had not seen since mile 450 at Casa de Luna. It was great to catch up with them. The bus stopped at the bakery and I had a pastry with mushrooms and onions, a key lime slice and a cinnamon scroll and bagels for the trail. Everything at the bakery seemed to be hiker size or in other words enormous and I was in a sugar fix overload.

When we arrived at the trailhead there was about 20 hikers ready to get on the bus to go into Stehekin, including Delta (or Bernard) who Corky and I last saw in Sisters. He was going to stay in Stehekin for a couple of days as he is tired of being wet.

After about a mile of being on trail it appeared that the trail was alive with loads of little froglets just learning how to hop. You had to be very careful not to step on them. There were literally thousands of them and then there were no more further down the trail.

Around lunchtime I was going to pull up on the side of the trail as usual when I saw that there were picnic tables next to a creek.  The water in the creek was so clear that the small fish were visible waiting to gobble anything that drifted their way.

I hike most of the day by myself but around 4.30 a young German guy came past and I hiked and set up to camp with him. We cooked together and chatted away for awhile when it started to rain which was a signal to head for the tents. We have had some other hikers just arrive who seem to be intent on making the maximum noise in putting up their tents.

There are now 60 miles or 100km to the border.