​PCT Day 134: Mile 2295.2 – Mile 2319.8

Thursday August 25, 2016: 24.6 miles (39.4 km)

I slept soundly once the horses across the lake settled. I was awake about 5.30 and on the trail less then an hour later.
I must have passed in excess of 100 lakes today. Some quite small about the size of a backyard pool and often unnamed while others were very large. The clarity of the water also varied significantly, with some seeming to have huge amounts of pollen on them almost forming a slick. Some of the meadows also appear to be old lakes which have filled up over time.

The walking was mainly in forest which was a nice relief from the heat. There were fewer  photo stops today. Occasionally Mount Rainer would come into view and it seems like it was getting closer and we were looking at the Eastern face which seems to have a lot of snow and ice on it.
I had plans to try make it to Sheep Lake but as it got towards 7.30pm my feet were telling me they had had enough for the day. About the same time I saw a nice campsite, just above a small circular lake and about 1.5 miles from the trail head and the highway. I even thought I may have cell service but that was not to be.