PCT DAY 124: Mile 2104.2 – Mile 2128.3

Monday August 15, 2016:  24.3 Miles  (39 km)


I left camp around 6am and took the Ramona Falls alternate to the PCT, a loop which unsurprisingly visits Ramona Falls. The waterfall is quite impressive but shows up poorly in photographs with the phone camera.

While I was at the falls another hiker,with the trail name of Stoic, came along. By coincidence  he started the hike on the same day as Corky and I did, and also stayed at Scout and Frodo’s place in San Diego. But with so nany people staying there I don’t remember meeting him or our paths  crossing till now. We hiked together for about an hour and I learnt that he was also a teacher and his first year was spent in the Marshall Islands as a volunteer teacher.
I found hiking quite difficult today. At times it felt like I was walking through molasses and felt slow. There was quite a bit of up and down which has been unusual more recently. Under foot was quite rocky. It actually surprised  me that I only have about 12 miles to get into Cascade Locks which will be the end of Oregon. I have taken the Eagle Creek Alternate and will go past tunnel falls in the morning. The Eagle Creek Alternate is very steep to come down and with that loss in altitude it is quite warm in the valley.

I have only 12 more miles of the gem that is Oregon to go. I have found Oregon to be quite amazing. The people have been extremely friendly and are very outdoorsy and the scenery at times is spectacular. I will not forget  looking behind me to see Mount Jefferson and looking ahead to see Mount Hood. Timberline will always be a special place for me and I am hoping Corky and I may spend a night there when she returns.
Tomorrow I am hoping to have a nero day (nearly zero miles day)  where I can get into town early and do some laundry, get my resupply package, have a long overdue shower and find a chocolate milkshake and burger and perhaps a pizza as well.

Reading Hammers post today reminded me of this time last year when we were following blogs of several hikers on the PCT. Living vicariously and counting down to when we could actually hit the trail. That day could not come soon enough.  So it is really painful for me to be sidelined midway through our hike and to be back living the hike vicariously one more time.

Tomorrow is the appointment with the 3rd orthopeadic surgeon. I am not sure what to expect. Maybe like hiking the PCT, start with no expectations and accept what it is.

Yesterday was the City to Surf fun run in Sydney. It is the largest footrace in Australia with over 80,000 runners and walkers taking part. The race weekend always signals the end of winter and of cold weather. The sun starts to have a bit of warmth when it hits your skin and the sweet smell of the early  flowering freesias fills the air. So if I had to be back home, this time of the year is the best.