PCT DAY 99: Rest Day #9

Thursday July 21, 2016: Zero miles

It is almost midnight and Hammers resupply boxes for all of Oregon and Washington  are finally organised. It has been a bigger effort than either of us has expected. Especially since we ordered a lot of the supplies online and they just had to be picked up. I don’t know how people do this months in advance for the whole hike. It has been far easier to buy along the way. In the smaller towns along the trail you don’t always get what you want but you can almost aways get what you need. 

We hired a car to get around to Medford to see the orthopaedic specialist. What a lovely guy.  I have never had such a friendly and  approachable medical specialist encounter before. He explained the injury more fully and the risks associated with healing and long term outcomes for joint stability and flexibility.  If I follow his advice  I can start limited weight bearing in 3-4 weeks and progress from there. I need to have further scans in 10 days to ensure fracture is still stable and further tendon damage had not occurred. In the meantime it’s the moon boot and crutches.

We have decided to take a few days off together in Oregon and Hammer will be back on trail on Monday. In the meantime I will post some Hammertime despatches from the Big Agnes Hilton. A reflection on various aspects of hiking the PCT.