Of course we knew we would have no phone reception once we headed into the Sierra range. But we were not expecting that the 7 days from Tehachapi  to Kennedy Meadows would be the same. Or that at Kennedy Meadows the WiFi at Grumpys was almost worse then nothing, frustratingly slow. The 2 post I managed to upload since leaving Tehachapi were uploaded when I logged into what someone told me was a military tower. No wonder it got disconnected so quickly even though I was standing directly opposite. No access to the Internet has been so frustrating for me, as we headed for 10 days into the High Sierra mountains without even being able to get a weather forecast. It felt bordering on foolish to head out without any information. But we got lucky.

So with apologies for the long break in posting updates I will try not to overload by posting 2 weeks all at once. We made it through the High  Sierra passes and are now  at Vermillion Valley Resort, before heading back on trail and into Mammoth for a full resupply.
We are leaving Vermillion today (Fri. June, 3) and will be in Mammoth in 2 days time.