Sunny San Francisco

Friday and Saturday, May 1-2,  2015

So lovely to arrive in San Francisco to warm weather, lots of crowds and abuzz with energy. After the quite of Portland it was so nice to emerge from the subway in Powell Street and see hundreds of people going about their day in the lovely spring sunshine. The hotel was just a short walk up the street.  Nice place that is so central to everything.

So much that looks familiar and so much that is new. I walked down Powell Street to the waterfront and walked along the shore towards the Golden Gate bridge. Everything was misted in on the waterfront and a strong wind was blasting sand along the beach. The sound of foghorn was constant background noise.  It was just like this when Hammer and I were here last time. We walked across the bridge then even though it was fogged-in. I did not want to walk across in the fog again so made my way back to the hotel.

Next day was another gloriously sunny day. I walked towards the Italian quarter and stopped at Cafe Trieste…great coffee.  Chinatown and the Italian quarter seem a bit intertwined. It was surprising to the extent of Chinatown right up against the financial district. Such a contrast, seeing rows of small Chinese  decorated buildings with the backdrop of concrete high-rise.

As the weather was so good I ended getting the ferry to Sausilito.  Another spot Hammer and I had visited in  2010. However it seemed such a quite yachting haven. Today it was overrun by tourists like me, arriving by ferry. I walked along the waterfront and then then high up into the residential area for a different view.   Such steep roads overlooking  a gorgeous ocean view.