Cool Zurich

Sunday June 23, 2013
We left Sydney on an overcast wet evening, had almost 21 hours of night-time and arrived on Sunday morning to an overcast, wet grey Zurich sky. Temperature slightly lower than Sydney at a maximum of 15 all day.  It has been probably the easiest long haul flight ever, we arrived relatively rested and ready to explore the town on foot. And first step out of the hotel door was a welcoming billboard, an omen or what?

A tram line into town passes in front of the hotel but we decided to walk despite the conditions. After such a long time cooped up in one place it felt great to feel the wind on your face, smell the fresh air and just to move freely. The wild flower borders  along the tram line looked fabulous even on such a dull grey day.

Not sure if it was the weather or the fact that shops are not open on Sunday it just felt very quite for a summer Sunday. Even the best chocolate shop in the world looked a little bit deserted. Did not stop us drooling at the window displays.

 A walk along the Banhofstrasse did not disappoint – Swiss flags everywhere, expensive stores and of course Sprungli chocolates.

We spent the afternoon meandering through the narrow streets of the old town and included a visit to the medieval Grossumunster and Fraumunster churches.  They struck us as being quite austere compared to the Roman churches with their sometimes overly ornate finishes.

The Marc Chagall designed windows in the Fraumunster.

Fraumunster church over the other side of the river.

A view of the twin towers of the Grossmunster church from the Munsterbrucke.

 By late afternoon feet were beginning to hurt but surprisingly jet lag still not too bad, we skipped the ferry ride across the lake as the mist and overall overcast grey sky did not really provide much of a view.

A view of the Zurichsee from under the tightly clipped maple trees on the Quai Brucke.