A Runners Paradise

Mammoth Lakes, Sept 6, 2010
With chest colds and flu we arrived in Mammoth Lakes. A fabulous ski area in winter and, as we discovered later, an altitude training ground for Americas top distance runners. Located south-east of Yosemite NP, the landscape had similar landforms to Yosemite with jaggedmountain peaks, perched alpine lakes and broad open meadows in the high country. Disappointed not be able to go for a run, we instead walked the trail to Duck Lake. Similar to yesterday walk we struggled with altitude as we followed a chain of crystal clear emerald green lakes until we arrived at Duck Lake. Its was a deep blue colour in contrast to the lower lakes and it’s surrounding mountain peaks which were still covered in patches of snow – absolutely glorious. The view towards Mammoth Mountain was shrouded in a smoggy haze.