Plain of Six Glaciers

Lake Louise, Banff National Park –

Monday August 16, 2010 (Trail Run/Hike)

Early in the morning to escape the crowds, saw Hammer and I on our way past Lake Louise, where we stopped to drink in the view. We ran up to the Beehive and Mirror Lake and then Agnes Lake before continuing on to the Plain of Six Glaciers.  To say we ran, is an exaggeration. It was so cold and so steep at the start that my lungs hurt and I was forced to walk until we reached the very European setting of the Lake Agnes teahouse. From here we wound our way around to the toe of the glacier with the morning sun peaking out from behind the mountain. Brilliant being high up in the mountains feeling like you were there alone.

On the trail to the glacier, above the tree-line we were startled by a high pitch whistle and thinking that maybe we were not alone, we proceeded on. We were surprised to see that the sound was being made by a hoary marmot sunning itself on a rock by the trail, its shiny coat glistening in the morning sun.  Above the tree line we were beset by thousands of hungry mosquitoes which made us turn back quickly.   With such stunning surroundings the running seemed effortless. A total of 3 hours running/hiking on a trail in a truly stunning setting. No words can adequately describe the grandeur of the landscape encapsulated by the Lake and its surrounds. It is a tourist attraction that exceeds all expectations.