St Jean Pied de Porte

Camino: Tuesday April 7, 2009 ST Jean Pied de Porte
Arrived in SJPP and met three other fellow walkers. Just as well as well as had no idea where to go to get my Credencials to start the walk, or where to stay the night. I did not bother getting a guide as I figured I can just wing it by following the arrows. I copied some pages from the Lonely Planet guide to Spain which includes the Camino but only the Spanish sections.
It was bitterly cold and raining yet I was still impatient to get going. SJPP is a lovely town. In the 12th Century pilgrims would have arrived via the Porte de France and left via the Porte de Espagne, which were the gates around the walled city.
I stayed the night in an alburgue near the Porte de France, sharing a room with 10 others including three Aussies. Not one snorer. How lucky.