Frost at Roncesvalles

Camino: Day 2 –Thursday April 9, 2009

Roncevalles – Larrasoana (Walk -25km)

It was still dark when I left the alburgue this morning. A steady stream of pilgrims, mainly Spanish on their Easter holidays, were also leaving.

It was a very cold start with frost on the ground and frozen puddles on the path. The walking today was not as challenging as yesterday

All off road and on paths through the forest and a few small towns. My legs and feet still feel fantastic. I wander when the marathon endorphins will disappear and the pain will kick in. Orreaga was the first town I passed through.

Great coffee and an overwhelming waft of cow manure. I walked on my own most of the day although I did keep passing and being passed by people I had met. It was beginning to warm up and by 11 I was being passed by people in shorts and short sleeves. Got to Zubiri around 1 pm. After walking for hours through fabulous forested areas to arrive in an industrial town was a bit of a let down. I walked on for another hour and half to Larrasoana, arriving at 2.30. A gorgeous small town dominated by a bridge and a church. Pretty houses and very tidy streets and the sun was shining. Not much reflection today, the path was muddy and slippery in many section so spent a lot of time watching my feet. The afternoon was hard as the sun was quite strong even though there was a cold breeze blowing. By 5pm all the accommodation in town had been taken up and the overflow pilgrims were being sent on to Pamplona. I feel a bit guilty having a bed when I am sure I could have walked on whereas the people arriving later are being challenged by the distance and the terrain and really need a bed more than I do.