AT Day -1: Friday April 7, 2023

Atlanta, Georgia

Experiencing Atlanta though the  foggy lens of the worst jetlag we’ve ever had is really not doing the city justice.  We only skimmed the surface of a small part.   The immediate  feel of the city is of a peaceful and relaxed city with few people. Maybe its the  Easter holidays or Spring break but as we walked through parts of town, it felt deserted at times, as if the whole town was on vacation somewhere else.

It was a surprise to learn  that with a population of over 6 million it is the 8th largest city in the United States.

The only thing we knew about Atlanta before coming here was that it hosted the 1996 Summer Olympics games. These Olympics were marred by an act of domestic terrorism, an explosion which killed one person and injured over a hundred spectators.  Centennial Park, where the attack occurred,  was the hub of the games.

As we walked though the park this morning it was hard to reconcile that such an act of  aggression could have occurred in such a peaceful setting.   Much of the Olympics heritage is evident in the magnificent stadiums and sporting  arenas which are located nearby.

Birthplace of Coka Cola

The highlight of our brief stay was walking through the magnificent English styled gardens of Atlantas oldest cemetery, Oakland Cemetery, where Margaret Mitchell is one notable resident.

Another impressive building we accidently chanced upon is the Fox Theatre. A building which spans a whole city block with its very distinctive Mooreish design. Reminded me of a similar styled building we saw in Helena, Montana – so out of place. We were not surprised to learn that both buildings  have  a similar history, being built by the Shriners organisation in the early 1920s. 

We only skimmed the surface of this relaxed and friendly city. We would need to come back, more rested and better organised, to explore more fully.