PCT Day 4: Sunday July 17, 2022
Mile 2147.6+0 miles today

By strange coincidence we ended up in the same room I had stayed in previously. Luckily this time the neighbours were quite, no fights over car keys at 2am.

Over breakfast at the cute Thirsty Cafe we decided that we will stay another night at the motel.

The advice for managing swelling is RICE – rest  ice, compression and elevation.  So that’s what I did. While icing, I caught up on the blog and Hammer watched the World Athletics Championship being held in Eugene, Oregon.

Cascade Locks is a nice small town on the banks of Columbia River. It is backed by imposing mountains carrying the scars of the Eagle Creek Fire.  The most popular pit stop in town is the ice cream shop which has a neverending queue of customers. At lunchtime we resisted the tempting icecream but Hammer caved in and had the customary milkshake.

The reports from the trail northbound are encouraging. With the hot weather and more hot days on the way, the late season snow is melting fast. Not sure what this will mean for creeks crossings. We are looking forward to giving it a go. We are prepared to turn back if the conditions exceed our abilities.

Bridge of the Gods over Columbia River.