CDT Day 129: 0 miles /0 km

CDT SOBO: Mile 1935.5

Friday August 23, 2019

Salida at 7,050ft is the lowest elevation we have been at for a few weeks now. No wonder it feels so warm in town.

We decided to take a full rest day and recharge. All we had to do today was repack our food and donate the Z-lite Thermarest mat to the Backcountry store to give to another hiker. Our next leg is 100 miles with a resupply in Lake City. We plan on having enough food for 5 days of hiking. We haven’t yet tired of eating pretty much a similar selection of food in each resupply.

I stayed in bed until midday, catching up on the blog, drinking coffee and eating cookies. Hammer caught up on the news. It was bliss.

Needing some fresh air we walked into the old town and visited the Moonlight Pizza and Brewery for a late lunch. The town looked a little quieter then yesterday.

Back at the hotel we put our feet up and tried not to think too much about the trail days ahead.