CDT Day 89: 0 miles/0 km

CDT Mile 747.0

Sunday July 14, 2019

Most of the last day and a half we’d been hiking along the Idaho-Montana border. Surprisingly the border is marked with frequent survey pegs. And towards Bannock Pass there was a wooden fence that was a couple of miles long that was put there to stop cattle crossing the state line. Once we arrived in Leadore we were in Idaho.

The town is in a valley bordered on two sides by mountain ranges of vastly different looking climatic zones. To the north are bare, desert like mountains with little vegetation and to the west are more rugged mountains that are still holding snow.

It’s Sunday morning and we have not much to do, apart from updating the blog on a very slow WiFi connection. No AT&T service in town. It took a while to relax, sit on Sam’s porch at the Leadore Inn, have a cup of coffee and watch the world go by. It was a beautiful Sunday morning.

We got a room about 11am. It was nice to finally get a chance to spread out our gear and work out what we are not using and can ship forward to Dubois.

That done we got some groceries to cook lunch in our kitchenette and spent a bit of time outside the library using their faster WiFi connection.

I was so overwhelmed when Sam the Leadore Inn owner and Solo, a Trail Angel we first met in New Mexico surprised me with a birthday cake. Oh my…..such a delicious surprise. It really topped off a beautiful and relaxing day. Probably the first day we have had on trail to truly relax.