CDT Day 71: Mile 2915.0

(0 miles – 0 km)

Wednesday June 26, 2019

It was a gorgeous sunny day in Glacier today. What a shame to be spending it indoors, I thought. But we really needed a rest. So it was a slow start to the day.

We walked back into town and do our grocery shopping and have breakfast. The town was busy with people visiting the park and a large number of southbound hikers. We have not seen such a concentration of hikers anywhere along this trail. We are pleased to heading the other way for now. The grocery store did not have a huge selection of food to choose from due to the unexpected hiker surge. We managed to get 4 days supplies that will work for us.

The town does not have a strong AT&T signal and I spent quite a few frustrating hours trying to update the blog while Hammer had a little sleep in the afternoon. We walked back into the main part of town for dinner at Serranos Mexican. Food was good and as usual very large servings.

By the time we finished dinner and walked outside it was raining. We walked over to the historic East Glacier Lodge and spent a few hours enjoying the ambience of this beautiful building. I really wish I was a guest here and did not have to go back out into the cold and wet. Maybe another time.