CDT Day 53: 0 miles

Saturday June 8, 2019

We knew today was going to be a cold day so we chose to do another zero in town. It will also give us a chance to recover from last nights disrupted rest.

Not much to do today but eat and rest. We had breakfast at the very busy Main & Park St Cafe. We walked through the weekend markets which were on in Park St. We did not even make the end of the street when a strong wind swept through and soon a snow storm followed. The temperature was a chilly 40F (5°C) and will be dropping to 32F (0°C) overnight.

We were freezing by the time we raced back to the hotel. I don’t even know what to say….it has got to be warmer tomorrow. We are back on trail hail or shine.

My AT&T drama which started with the wrong type of account being set up in San Francisco back in March, still continues. I just found out they charged my account US$113.81 for the past month on a cancelled account. So much for my free and easy afternoon. Another 2 hours were spent on the phone being shunted between AT&T online customer service departments who could not help. My patience paid off and I was finally put in contact with a person who actually was empowered to help. He promised that the charges will be reversed and the account actually cancelled. I hope it will happen this time.

Later in the day we went to Muddy Creek Brewery downtown followed by dinner at the Metal Sports Bar. The bar was previously a bank whose safe is now a centerpiece in the space. It was great quality food in an interesting setting. This town has a rich mining history with so much grand architecture in the old parts of town. It would be good to have more time to explore.