CDT Day 19: Pie Town Roadwalk Alternate Mile 26.1 – 40 + CDT Mile 424.6 – 431.8 ( 21.1 miles – 33.8 km)

Sunday May 5, 2019

What a marvelous start to the day. We were refreshed and renewed and ready to take on the next leg of the CDT. All thanks to the local rancher John who provided the ideal hikers rest at Davila Ranch. Last night we camped next to an old timber cabin at the ranch. The cabin is a remnant from the 1930’s. I woke up around 4am and looked outside the tent to see a canopy of stars. The milky way was visible and I had to get out there and see what my point and shoot camera could capture. Hammer was awake and perusing the internet from the tent, what luxury. This place really was a slice of heaven.

We broke camp and got on the road just a bit before sunrise. Two very happy hikers, on our way to Pie Town ti pick up our resupply box and hopefully to get a slice of pie later in the day. The hike away from Davila Ranch made me realise how beautiful the setting of the ranch was, a relatively lush valley surrounded by mountains. We were hiking on a dirt road through ranchlands with some beautiful artwork on the ranch signs.

One of the hikers last night helped me to reframe my view of hiking on dirt roads. She suggested that you can think of them as just wide trails where you can walk side by side. I guess that helps as later in the day we had a continuation of a lot more dirt road walking.

We made it to the CDT famous landmark, the Toaster House in Pie Town just after 11am. The house provides everything a hiker needs. It’s quirky and quant. The owner Neeta does not live in the house in which she has raised her five children. The house has been given to CDT travellers.

It did not take us long to locate our package in a pile sitting near the front door. We repackaged our resupply and were having a quick look around the house before heading off to ‘town’ for lunch. We got chatting to a French couple who are cycling the Continental Divide, Chrisopher and Amelie. Hammer was keen to see their bike setup. We saw them coming up behind us yesterday just before Davila Ranch. But they stopped before we turned off so we did not meet. They were such nice people.

Pie Town is not a very big town from what we could see. Although we did not go further along Highway 60 then the Pie Town Cafe where we had lunch followed by the most delicious strawberry cream pie. We were in the cafe for about 3 hours waiting for the right time to make a call home. As it was the phone was not answered, we left a message and walked out of Pie Town full as a tick.

From Highway 60, we rejoined the CDT and hiked on a dirt road lined by private ranches. In the distance unusual mountain shapes dominated the landscape. We later learnt they are the Sawtooth Mountains. A few pickups drove past, most drivers waved in response to our greeting. One lady slowed down and called out…”I admire you”. It was so nice to hear that people don’t think of us as being nuts.

Most ranches we passed had ‘No Trespassing’ signs. We guessed it must gave something to do with hunting. Hammer wondered how far we’d have to walk before we could camp.

We walked past one property with no signs, no fences and few trees to provide shelter. That will have to do for a campsite for tonight.