Mt William by the Sea

Tasmania Take 2 Tour: Days 25-26

Monday January 28 – Tuesday January 29, 2019

The long weekend is over and coastal towns and campgrounds were empying. This was our chance to visit an area in the NE of Tasmania neither of us has visited before. It was also as far away from fire and smoke as we could get.

We arrived at Mt William National Park – Stumpy Bay campground just as the last of the weekend visitors were leaving. We had the whole campground to our selves. And what a magnificent location it turned into out to be – crystal clear blue water and miles of squeeky white sand beaches. A trace of the smoke from the fires burning throughout the state hung low on the horizon when we arrived. It seemed a little clearer the next day. We could almost make out the shape of some of the offshore islands.

We swam in the ocean that was perfect temperature, walked miles of deserted beaches and read books. We entertained thoughts of walking to the top of Mt William. But at 200m above sea level it was more of a gentle mound then a mountain. So we did not do the walk.

It is such a perfect spot it seems a shame to leave but our Tassie Take 2 Tour is drawing to a close and the Spirit of Tasmania calls.