East Coast Escape

Tasmania Take 2 Tour: Day 23

Saturday January 26, 2019

It seems that we are jinxed when it comes to touring in Tasmania. Numerous wildfires were burning on so many fronts. Over this coming long weekend almost all the hiking trails across the state were closed due to either an existing fire or potential fire risk.

Having given up hope of doing any more remote area hiking, we decided to head towards the Northeast of the state. It was an area we had not visited before and more importantly, no fires were burning in nearby areas.

Before leaving Hobart for the last time on this trip, we had breakfast at Room for Pony for just one more Chinese Omellete. Such a simple and sensational dish.

We were soon headed off along the east coast of Tasmania towards Mt William NP in the northeast of the state. It was a much cooler day today and the wind almost had a bit of chill to it. I can’t quite work out how it can change so suddenly.

We underestimated how much smoke was still in the air, despite no fires in the near vicinity and also how busy this weekend was going to be along the east coast of Tasmania. Today is the beginning of a three day weekend celebrating Australia Day which marks the arrival of the first fleet and European settlement of the continent. It is also the end of the long summer school break. It seems that all of Tasmania was now somewhere by the beaches on the east coast. Every town we stopped at along the way was busy and campgrounds were full to bursting.

We made St Helens by mid-afternoon just as Australia Day celebration were finishing. After a brief visit to the Bay of Fires we headed away from the coast towards a town – which was really just a pub now – Weldborough near the Blue Tier walking and biking trails.

The pub offered food, accomodation and also camping spots in the bushland surrounding it. We couldn’t believe how peaceful and beautiful this location was compared the crazy busy coastline. We are out of the fire and smoke affected areas. And the best part, pub food was very good. In fact the food was better then good, it was fantastic. I had deliciously thick and tender salt & pepper squid with a salad and Hammer had a steak sandwich with chips, simple food done well. And we are surrounded by miles of trails which we will have a look at tomorrow.