Hammer Runs Cadbury Marathon, Hobart

Day 10: Sunday January 13, 2019

It was an early start to get to the Cadbury Factory in Claremont where the marathon was starting. It made me think of all the workers over the decades making the same trip to start their early shifts making chocolates all day. And from what I’ve read of the history of this factory it was great place to work when it first opened in Hobart back in 1922.

The morning was a bit chilly at around 10°C, it felt like perfect running conditions. And soon they were off for two laps of the factory, which spread the field before the long descent away from the factory. The Boston qualifying time which Hammer was aiming for is 3:50.


He looked comfortable and cruisy as he headed out from the factory for the first of the two laps out towards Hobart. The morning was heating up as I waited at the halfway mark. Hammer came through in a time I though off-pace even though he was well ahead of the 4hour pacer.


For quite a few years while I was unable to run due to illness, I developed a love of race photography. It allowed me to stay connected with many running friends and a sport I loved. There were a few friends and familiar faces running this morning and it was a real treat to photograph the morning and to try and capture something of the mood of the day.



Waiting near the finish line the first female runner came through and slowly runners were streaming in, including the 4hr pacer. My heart sank a little realising that Hammer was not going to qualify. Then it became a nervous wait. It was really warm now and I started to get concerned as the clocked ticked on. It was a huge relief to finally see Hammer coming up the final hill into the finish. He said he bonked big time in the second half to finish in a time of 4:21. He was sanguine having given it his best. He felt that there was nothing more he could have done, just had nothing left in his legs.

From his splits he was on pace until 30km and from there it was gradual fade. At one stage he said he felt like he was running through treacle. The wheels were spinning but not making much forward progress. I think I was more disappointed than Hammer. I really thought that 2020 was going to be our year to run Boston together.

Hammers words: “while somewhat disappointed, I did the best I could on the day. It just was not my day. I will be spectating in Boston in 2020 and I’m OK with that”.

It was nice to enjoy the rest of the day in the sunshine.