2019 is Off to a Flying Start

It’s the middle of March and my best intentions to keep the blog up to date have fallen by the wayside.

Unexpected events have thrown our planning for this year into a bit of spin but we are back on track.

We spent January in Tasmania where we had plans to hike trails we couldn’t complete in 2016 due to extensive wildfires. It seems that we may be cursed by the weather gods. Wildfires in Tasmania raged through much of January 2019 and put an end to our explorations. I’ll update the blog with our Tasmania 2019 wonderings. And I’ll try not to inundate you with too many posts at once.

We leave for the US in 2 weeks and will start on the Continental Divide trail about 2 weeks after that. It promises to be an interesting year with record snowfalls in Colorado. We are excited to come back and continue to explore and experience the wild and beautiful landscapes of North America.