Bibbulmun Day 29: Thursday May 3, 2018

Km 943.1 – 955.1 (12 km)

Sandpatch Camp – Albany

Sandpatch is my last campsite on trail. Rain came in bursts through the night but it was a much calmer night then last night. The last shower hit just before I left camp at 6am. I didn’t care, I will soon be done. It was an easy meander into town. A short section along a much calmer coastline before turning inland towards and soon seeing the huge harbour. The sun was trying to break through the clouds sending shafts of light over the direction of town.

I was looking forward to reaching town and getting a coffee. Some of yesterdays hike was preoccupied with thoughts of sitting in a warm cafe, having a strong coffee and not having to go anywhere. I had wondered how to find a good cafe in Albany and remembered that cyclists always know the best coffee spots. I just had to find a cyclist to ask. So you can imagine my disbelief when this morning as I walked along the harbour a cyclist came towards me. And even more surprising, he stopped to ask me about the hike. Such a coincidence, Hammer is so right – the universe provides. He recommended a few places, the best he thought – The Bay Merchants was just a little bit too far for me to get to from where I’m staying. He also gave me contacts for WA wildflower interest groups and showed me a picture of “my orchid” which I thought was quite rare only to discover it is called a Common Bunny orchid. Oh well it is quite special to me still.

Arriving at the Southern Terminus was a bit anticlimactic. It was quite and there was no one around. I took a couple of pictures on a timer and Mick, whom I hutted with last night turned up and offered to take some pictures for me. To sign off in the trail register I had to go up the street to the Visitors Centre where I got to ring the bell bringing an end to my hike.

The distance of this hike is officially 1002km (624 miles). I used the Guthook trail app for the hike. It showed some variations to the distances printed on the Bibbulmun Track maps.

I’m staying at the King George Hotel on the waterfront. I checked in and was happy to get the room early. A coffee and a pastry at the Gormandise & Co cafe next door were first. The cafe was warm and welcoming just like I dreamed about yesterday. The coffee was delicious and I could have gone a bottomless cup.

Then it was an equally delicious hot shower. Laundry done and blog to update and then there is nothing more to do but celebrate.