Bibbulmun Planning – Wednesday April 4, 2018

It has been nearly 8 months since I finished hiking the Pacific Crest Trail. I left the trail with wonderful memories of three months hiking with Hammer and two months on my own. Days of living in the moment and moving with ease through the most magnificent landscapes. Places that I felt strangely at home. Since returning to Australia I’ve been left with a deep yearned to return. And now that the Northern hemisphere hiking season is about to start, I’m filled with wonderlust.

And that is why I made a last minute decision to hike one of the longest trails in Australia – the Bibbulmun Track. It is a 1000km (630miles) trail stretching from the hills behind Perth to the coastal town of Albany.

Hammer is still working and will not be able to join me. So it will be a Corky solo hike, end to end. Well not quite solo, Lou-Seal is coming along fir the adventure. I fly out tomorrow at 7.30am from Sydney and hit the trail by the afternoon. Time to fly.