​CUBA WEEK 1: Sunday  December 11 – Monday  December 12, 2016

Cienfuegos like Trinidad  has a UNESCO heritage listing due to its significant colonial architecture.It was settled  by the French from New Orleans in the 1800’s and the town had a prosperous foundation. Wide streets and avenues arranged on a grid pattern.
After the colours and life of Trinidad Cienfuego felt a bit soul-less.  Wide empty streets devoid of much activity, maybe because it was Sunday when we arrived. As in poorer houses in Trinidad, front lounge rooms are open to the street and peoples living rooms  are on display.  By lunchtime we had walked much of the main part of town. So many buildings  are absolute ruins,  but people are still living in them.

Our accommodation is the most spacious we’ve had. We have our own apartment with a small living room, a bedroom and bathroom. All the home stays have certainly been a very comfortable experience. More like a private motel room. 

The town is located on a huge embayment. The oceanfront close to town for the most part is polluted and stinks. In its heyday it must have a beautiful town. Huge  mansions and  a few modernist 50’s houses are located on the way to Punta Gorda, a long isthmus jutting out to sea. The mansion on the end is a riot of styles and is  now a hotel. 

Yes, another line to get bus tickets at Viazul.  A bus company just for tourists!

Countryside is pretty flat.

Colonial splendour.

The freeway to Havana is remarkably free of cars.