GUATEMALA WEEK 3: Tuesday November 15 – Friday November 18, 2016

Our last four days in Guatemala was divided between Antigua and Guatemala City. 


We loved Antigua…its colonian ruins, beautiful streetscape and towering  volcanos provided plenty of visual beauty. It is a perfect sized  town for walking  around which was especially pleasant due to its perfect spring like weather. We could have spent a lot more time here especially once I discovered  the best coffee at the tiny El Refugio cafe.

Parque Central

Arco de Santa Catalina

View of Antigua from Cerro de la Cruz

Iglesia y Convento Santa Clara

Iglesia de San Francisco

Love the colourful chicken buses

The best coffee @ El Refugio cafe


Our time in Guatemala is coming to an end. It was fitting to finish our time here by meeting up with the family  who gave us the encouragement to visit  their beautiful country.

Pope Juan Pablo II watches over Avenue de Americas

Statue of Christopher Columbus (Cristobal Colon)

Ronald watches the busy city traffic

Museo Nacional de Arqueologia y Etnologia

Beautifully preserved temple carving

My favourite exhibit – a royal throne.

 With Carlos, Carlota and their sons Diego and Andres. Fantastic dinner at Hacienda  Royal, followed by coffee at Sauls in Paseo Cayala.

Visiting the Botanical Gardens

Magnificent Ceiba tree – the national tree of Guatemala