ROAD TRIP WEEK 1: September 13-19, 2016

It was so good to meet up with Hammer at Vancouver airport. For me  it has been eight weeks since coming off the trail and for Hammer only three days. So it is going to be interesting matching up our energy levels  over the next few weeks at least. 

From Vancouver we caught a Greyhound bus to Seattle in order to pick up a hire car.  It is fantastic that our run of good weather in Seattle has held up. Glorious sunny days and a still warm(ish).  

We spent a couple of days in Mt Rainier NP, camping at White River. Last time we were in the tent together, I was in a world of pain.  So it was great to be back, erasing memories of pain.   
We did one hike to Glacier Basin, only 6.4 miles for the round trip. This was a little bit too far for me. I worked out that my current limit is about 3 miles or 1.5hrs of walking, before it becomes too painful. Hammer is happy that he does not have to walk too far.  


The PCT crosses the boundary of Mt Rainer NP at Chinook Pass east of Mt Rainier.

White River

Hammer & Corky happy to be back together

Dodgy ankle getting better by the day.

Home is where the heart is.

Mt Rainier from the south.

Glacier Basin walk.

Glacier Basin.

Mt Rainier

Rainy drive towards Seattle.

After leaving Mt Rainier, we had plans to head west towards Olympic National Park. But sunny skies had disappeared and were replaced with skies that looked like  a dark grey blanket. More like the weather we expected at this time of the year.  

So instead of Mt Olympic we headed to Seattle  After a haircut and beard trim we left Seattle and headed north towards Vancouver.


Our second visit to Vancouver and it was nice to have a bit of time to see the city. It was also an opportunity to meet up with Barbara and her husband Tim who live in Vancouver. Barbara section hiked the PCT with Hammer from Crater Lake to Sisters in Oregon. It was lovely to share a few laughs over a beer.

Meeting up for a beer with Barbara (Section B) and her husband Tim