Garibaldi Provincial Park

Whistler Village, Sat, Aug 21,2010

Sadly we had to leave Nairn Falls and we packed up our tent and headed to Whistler. We were in Whistler to take part in the 5 Peaks Trail running Series. While the race crowd gradually increased, it was great to sit in the village square basking in the early morning sunshine trying not to think about what is ahead. Included in the race entry fee was ride in the village gondola to the top of Whistler mountain where the race was being held. This is something we would not have done were it not for the race. Great ride for a kilometre and a half watching the village receding into the valley below. We both had a great time during and after the run, enjoyed the scenery, met some nice people and walked away with a gold medal. Great way to finish off our Canadian adventures.
Garibaldi Lake, Fri Aug 20, 2010
Today we though we would take it a little easy as we were running a trail race in Whistler on Saturday, so we chose to walk to Lake Garibaldi. The trailhead is about 15km south of Whistler and it was a 9km walk through what sounded like a more gentle 700m of gain to get to the lake. The trail was fairly well formed and not at all technical like yesterday walk but as a result it was very dusty. The trail passes through lush dense pine forest with fern and moss growth near the start. And by the time we reached the first series of lakes the intensity of the colour of the lakes almost took my breath away. A shimmering green, glowed in the sunlight through the dapple of the pine forest. And this was only the Lesser Garibaldi Lake. We could not wait to get the the top. And Garibaldi Lake did not disappoint. Huge green expanse of water sitting in the cradle of several glaciers which surround it.The walk took again well over two hours in one direction and another 2 quad pounding hours to get back to the car.

Wedgemount Lake, Thurs Aug 19, 2010

There were so many options for trail walks in Garibaldi Park, today we chose to walk what sounded like a relatively shortish 7km in one direction, on the Wedgemount Lake Trail. The trailhead is about 25km north of Whistler and ascends 1200m to the base of Mt Wedge which surrounds Wedgemount Glacier. We soon worked out that 7km can take some time to walk when you take into account the fact that right from the start the trail goes straight up and it did not level off until we reached the top. Took us over 2 hours of heart thumping hard work to get to the lake. But when we got there the scenery was so stunning that very quickly all the hard work was forgotten. It was windswept and cold and after a quick lunch it was time to go back down. The descent took just as long and we were slow particularly where we had to cross the loose shale in the rock fall areas.
Nairn Falls, Wed Aug 18, 2010
Arrived in Nairn Falls just south of Pemberton and about 35km north of Whistler. Camped at here for a few days as the weather is incredibly warm. We seem to have gone from mornings of 3 degrees and freezing to the current 35 degree day. At least we were relatively near to the coast and there was a lovely breeze most of the time. Hoping that the breeze will clear some of the smoke from the air.The campground was a lovely quite spot near to yet another stunning water fall, on the glacial Green River which wound its way around the campground.