West from Ventosa

Camino: Day 7 – Tuesday April 14, 2009
Ventosa – Granon (Walk -40km)

Today is the first time I am conscious of the fact that the morning sun is behind me. Left Ventosa just on 7.00am in a pale blue light. I walked on my own for the next two hours and it was bliss. I had turned back to have a look at Ventosa just as the sun was coming up.
And it occurred to me that I am now starting to head west and I have most of the width of Spain to cover before I get to the coast. Tried not to think about it too much. Undulating walking most of the morning through vineyards.
The afternoon walking wound its way alongside a newly built highway and passed through a new golfing estate. It was the most bizarre scene. It so reminded me of the Truman show. Brand new buildings but no people about. In the afternoon I was wandering what on earth I was doing here. I was getting a little bit annoyed by the zooming truck traffic accompanying me and by the time I reached San Domingo I was not happy to stay. So even through I was tired I walked on for another hour and a half to Granon. And this is where the payoff for the walking happened. I was staying in an alburgue which is a church dating back to the 14th century and I was sleeping in a room built underneath the church bells.
I think this more than made up for the unpleasantness of the walk along the highway. And the host who is a volunteer is cooking dinner for all of us. The most delicious smell is wafting up from the kitches as I write this. We shared a communal meal with grace sung in Spanish to the tune of the Queen song “We will rock you”.