Feet of Clay

Camino: Day 4 – Saturday April 11, 2009
Uterga – Ayegui (Walk 31 km)

I am surprised by the fitness of the people I have encountered on this walk so far. After two days I have parted company with Tara and Ursula who are finding the walking hard. I cannot say that it has not been challenging but you just get in to a rhythm and keep moving. Today was not a nice day for a number of reason. I left Utergra while it was still dark outside. I walked on my own for probably 2 hours and by the time I arrived in Puente Le Reina just after 9, there was steady stream of mainly Spanish walkers just starting out for the day. It had started raining and it was cold as I left Uterga and it did not improve at all through the day.

Walked mainly through wheat fields and after Puenta La Reina white asparagus farms. The asparagus is grown in this amazing rich red clay soil. I slid slowly up a hill through this red wet clay caked around my shoes. It added 6 inches to my height and a couple of kilos of weight to my feet.

Distant snow covered mountains explained why the wind was so cold. Met four other Aussies in Cirauqui where I stopped for an early lunch and passed them again later before Lorca. A father and son from Perth and fathers friends – a couple who live in the South of France. With the weather so cold I feel like I need to keep moving on. I stopped at Ayegui which is just outside of Estelle as my feet were feeling pickled in wet shoes and the next stage was a 7km climb up a mountain ridge. Stayed in a very cold alburgue,a local gymnasium – had a great breakfast with a Dutch couple living in The Hague.