CDT Day 62: Mile 2708.8 — 2722.2 (13.4 miles – 21.4 km)

Monday June 17, 2019

Its always exciting to wake up on the day you head into town. It’s only been a few days since we’d been to Helena but we were looking forward to reaching our next town, Lincoln.

First thing this morning I had to find out if I killed the camera. I had my camera inside my sleeping bag all night hoping that body heat would be enough to dry out any moisture that made it inside. Nervously I reinserted the battery and miraculously the camera sprang to life. Such a relief, I could download yesterdays photos before we set off.

It was a beautiful sunny morning, the air felt clean, cool and crispy as we set off. I was dreaming of a coffe and the famed Cinammon Scroll French Toast from Lambkins Cafe in Lincoln. The miles into town always seem to fly by and today was no exception.

Hammer is quite an old hand at hitching and within 15 minutes we had 2 cars stop by at the same time to offer us a ride into town. How is that for Montana hospitality?

We got a ride with Matt and Sam who were on their way to work. They live in Helena and do stream habitat restoration works. So cool to talk to them about their projects.

We checked into the Blue Sky Motel and went to Lambkins where we devoured huge amounts of food topped off with a delicious Cinammon Scroll. Usual town chores followed, resupply shopping, laundry, shower and drying out our wet gear.

We have a long section ahead in one of the most remote areas of the trail before we reach East Glacier Village. We will be out of contact for 8-9 days. I’m feeling a little bit nervous about the conditions ahead. But we are encouraged to know that we should start to encounter some south bound hikers. Not quite sure yet how we are going to fit 9 days of food into one bear-proof bag.